Sash uPVC Windows: Pros, Cons and Costs

Sash uPVC Windows: Pros, Cons and Costs

Sash windows are windows with sliding panels rather than hinges. Sash windows were original features in period properties but many newer homes also have sash windows, as they can provide a stunning appearance. There are numerous pros and cons to having sash uPVC windows installed and we have listed them below so you can make a decision whether they are the right choice for your property.

Pros of sash uPVC windows

Ideal if there is limited space

Sash windows slide upwards and do not require any space to be able to open the window outwards, so if space is at a premium, sash uPVC windows can be a better option than windows that swing open.

Elegant appearance

The sash window style tends to look more elegant than other styles of windows, they complement older properties but can also look great on newbuild properties to give the home a more traditional appearance. The range of frame designs also allows homeowners to choose the most suitable style for their property.

Improves energy efficiency

Sash uPVC windows are more energy efficient than most other types of windows, as they do not conduct heat so less heat from the home escapes through the windows. Modern uPVC window designs have excellent levels of thermal efficiency which can help to keep heating bills lower, with heat staying in your home all year round.

Within the uPVC design, on double glazed windows the gap between the two panes is filled with argon gas, which is sealed in. This layer of the window prevents heat from conducting very well, while glass alone conducts heat well.

More secure

The new uPVC windows designs are fitted with advanced security mechanisms that help to prevent a break-in through the windows. The frame is more difficult to prise open than wooden frames and the double glazing is also much more difficult to smash through than a single pane of glass.

Increase property value

When you upgrade your windows to new sash uPVC windows, you will also usually benefit from increasing the value of your home. Out of all the home improvements that you can have done to your house, installing new windows is one of the improvements that tends to always add value. If you are planning on selling your property in the future, having new sash uPVC windows may also help to sell it quicker, as prospective buyers will not need to go to the trouble of replacing the windows themselves.

Long lasting and low maintenance

uPVC windows will usually last between 20-35 years and they are very durable. Wood frames can rot and warp, while uPVC material fares better in extreme weather. Wooden frames will require re-painting on a regular basis, while uPVC is very low maintenance and just requires cleaning to stay in good condition. To clean uPVC windows you simply need to wipe the frames with a cloth and soapy water to get any dirt removed.

Cost less than alternative materials

uPVc windows cost less than timber and aluminium windows, so they are a more cost-effective option when you decide to replace your windows.


uPVC is less environmentally friendly

Although installing uPVC windows will make your home more energy efficient, the material is less environmentally friendly compared to materials such as wood or aluminium. Once the frames get to the point where they need to be replaced, they usually need to be destroyed and will not be re-used.

Does not suit all properties

While sash uPVC windows look great on a wide range of properties, they do not complement all property types. In some cases, they will look out of place and an alternative style such as casement windows will look better.

Looks less traditional

Wooden frames tend to look more traditional than sash uPVC windows but you are able to buy a range of different styles that can look almost as traditional as the original styles of sash windows, including a wood grain look.

Costs of sash uPVC windows

There are a number of factors that will influence the cost of sash uPVC windows, including the style that you select. The most common style of sash windows has just one moving panel but there are also designs that have two sliding panels, which makes it easier to clean the outside. The advanced design costs more than the single panel options.

You can also choose between Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian styles of window at an extra cost if you want the windows to look more traditional. There is also the option to choose wood grain effect and other styles to suit your property, which will be more expensive than the standard white uPVC frames.

One of the other significant factors that will determine the cost is the size of the windows. A small window of 500mm x 500mm will generally cost around £500 but a larger one of 1200mm x 1200mm would cost around £800.

In addition to the cost of paying for the windows, you will also require an expert windows installer to fit your windows who will charge a labour cost. Labour costs for installing windows can vary greatly, depending on the number of windows, the company that you use and even which part of the UK you are in.

Camberley Glass can provide a very competitive quote for installing sash uPVc windows by our FENSA Approved installers and we can recommend the style that will most complement your property.

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