Are Bi-fold Doors Secure?

Are Bi-fold Doors Secure?

A question that homeowners often ask when they are considering replacing doors is whether bi-fold doors provide the same level of security as other types of doors. There are many benefits to having bi-fold doors installed in your property, from increasing the value of the property to adding a luxury feel to the home. 

For people who spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer, bi-fold doors make the outdoor area more easily accessible and provide a more convenient way to enjoy your outdoor space. This style of door also allows a lot more natural light into the home which helps to save energy and has several health benefits.

However, all of these benefits are of little worth if you are worried that your house will be less secure. The good news is that the advanced technology used in modern bi-fold doors ensures that your home stays very secure when you have bi-fold doors installed.

Security features on bi-fold doors

When you are shopping for bi-fold doors, you should look for the following security features:

Double glazing

As a minimum, your bi-fold doors should be double glazed, as this offers a much higher level of security than single glazed. Double glazed windows are robust and much more difficult to break than single glazed glass, so are less likely to be targeted for break-in attempts.

As well as being more secure, double glazed bi-fold doors will provide your home with better energy efficiency. When you buy your double glazed bi-fold doors, look for designs where the internally beaded frames overlap the glass panels, as this provides further protection. 

Multi-point locking system

On the majority of modern bi-fold door designs, multi-point locking systems are standard. They will also have a security-enhancing in-line tracking system, which has a hardened steel gear attached that makes it incredibly difficult for someone to break through. This is why bi-fold doors can often be even more secure than patio doors or sliding doors. Standard doors will usually only have one main locking system that can be drilled out, so bi-fold doors with the multi-point locking system provide a much more secure option.

Additional security measures

The rear of properties is an area that burglars tend to target, so whether you have bi-fold doors, patio doors or sliding doors, you should take extra measure to keep your property secure. If possible, you should try to restrict access to the rear of your property with locked gates to put thieves off.

You can have door alarms designed specifically to fit onto your bi-fold doors, so that the alarm is triggered if the bi-fold doors are opened when the alarm is set. If you already have a home alarm system, it should be relatively easy to have bi-fold door alarm sensors added to the system for extra peace of mind that your property is secure.

There are also additional locks that you can have fitted onto bi-fold doors to provide another level of security:


This type of lock has a handle that operates at the top and bottom of the lead door, providing extra security is one easy movement. The damage-proof design is more attractive and less bulky than many other types of additional locks.


Another lock option is a deadbolt which is secured using a key or twisting lock. These locks can be installed fairly easily but burglars will find them incredibly difficult to crack.

Due to the advanced security features that are now incorporated in modern bi-fold door designs, choosing stylish bi-fold doors does not mean that you have to compromise on security. Designs with double glazing are extremely difficult to break and the advanced security mechanisms between the doors and along the tracks ensure that when you have bi-fold doors installed, your property is as safe, if not safer than with other standard types of doors.

If you are still concerned about the security of your property, you have the option to add locks and other security devices to help reduce the possibility of a break-in. If you would like to know more about the security features on our bi-fold doors, contact us today and one of our experts will explain everything you need to know.

Double glazing

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