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While every part of your home serves a purpose or function, there are some parts that provide you with significant benefits and you may not realise. It would be fair to say that not too many home owners pay much attention to their fascia’s and soffits but if these are not in place or they are not in good condition, you run the risk of causing serious damage to your home.

The guttering at your property can add the perfect finishing touch but it is the functional benefit that comes from guttering that is the most important element. At Camberley Glass and Windows, we believe that if your guttering is in good condition, you have one less thing to worry about and there will be a far greater likelihood of your home remaining in great condition. We provide a range of materials and colours to finish your property in great style. We believe that effective roofline fascia and soffit fitting not only enhances the look and style of your home, it will add value to your property. There are short and long term benefits to be gained from updating your fascia boards, and we are on hand to offer guidance and advice about what is best for your home.





The roofline components, e.g. fascia, soffits and guttering, are often the most neglected parts of a house, but are amongst the most important. The fascia boards support the lower ends of the roof trusses and the bottom row of tiles, and also protect the outer edges of the roof. The soffits seal the lower edge of the eves and butt up against the fascia boards to encase all the exposed lower edges of the roof. They help with air circulation to prevent rot in the rafters and other parts of the roof, and also prevent pests getting in. Weather damage to these structures will inevitably weaken the whole roof structure. Guttering is also vital as it collects water from the roof and channels it away from the house and into the drains.


Not only will well maintained roofline elements protect your house, they will also enhance the appearance of your property and thereby add value.


The installation of roofline products is not something that the DIY enthusiast should try because it may risk damage to your house and yourself. For professional help you need to contact a company you can trust to provide the best products and the best advice. Camberley Glass and Windows is a trusted local company and a leader in the field. We offer fully guaranteed roofline products in a range of styles, materials and colours so you can be sure to find the right choice for your home.


You can be assured that you will receive professional service, customer care and attention to detail. Chat to one of our advisers about what we can offer and the options available. Our professional and efficient installation team is also available to fit any roofline products for you.


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