How to Clean UPVC Window Frames

Steps for cleaning UPVC windows

One of the top benefits of buying UPVC windows is that the maintenance is very low. Unlike wooden frames that require sanding and painting on a regular basis, UPVC windows require very little attention after they have been installed. The material is very durable and cleaning of UPVC frames is very quick and easy to do, compared to other materials of window frames.

If you want your UPVC windows to last as long as possible, you should

The best time to clean your windows is on a cloudy day so there is no heat from the sun that will dry your windows too quickly. When this happens the glass in the windows is more likely to have streaks and it is more difficult to see dirt when the sun is shining and reflecting on the glass panes.

The cleaning process will vary depending on the types of windows that you have chosen. If you are having UPVC windows installed upstairs in a property, it will be most practical to have tilt and turn ones, which mean that you can open them and turn them around so you can reach the outside of the windows without needing to climb a ladder.

As well as being safer to clean your windows this way, as you do not risk falling off ladders, you will not need to hold a bucket of water while you are doing it, as you can place it somewhere within easy reach inside the property while you clean the windows.

What products do I need for cleaning UPVC window frames?

There are several items that will make cleaning your UPVC frames easier, such as having a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Many people get very good results from using these items alone, although if you are cleaning the glass at the same time, you may want to add some white vinegar as this helps to prevent streaks.

You should avoid using any type of scouring pads, as this can cause damage to your windows, a microfibre cloth usually works very well, and does not leave any particles of fabric on the windows, unlike other types of cloths.

You can buy special UPVC window cleaning products that can clean up UPVC better than just using soapy water. 

Steps for cleaning UPVC windows

Steps for cleaning UPVC windows

The first place to start with cleaning your UPVC windows is to open the window and clear out any debris or grime that has collected within the locking and closing mechanism. Sometimes bits of tree debris can fall into the frame when the windows are open, or dirt can accumulate over a period of time. 

Dirt or debris getting stuck in the mechanism is one of the main reasons that windows become faulty. The debris can cause the handles to stick or the locking mechanism to jam, so regularly cleaning these areas will help to keep your windows functioning properly.

If you live in an areas where there is lots of traffic pollution or you live in an area where there is agricultural vehicles, your windows may need cleaning more regularly to keep them in good condition.

If there is dust or small particles of dirt jammed in the opening mechanism within the frame, you might need to use a hoover extension tool to remove it. You should wipe down the inside of the frame using a warm damp cloth to get any grime off.

The next step would be to wipe down the outer frame with the warm soapy water and sponge or cloth. It is better to start at the top and work your way down, so that the dirty water does not run down over areas that you have already cleaned. Once you have removed all of the dirt and debris off the UPVC frames, dry them off using a tea towel or similar type of cloth.

It is also better to leave the glass cleaning to the end, for the same reason i.e. you do not want the dirty water running over the glass when you start wiping the top of the frame clean. One of the best ways to buffer your outdoor window panes is to use newspaper, which is a traditional way of cleaning glass to achieve a no-streak finish.

Benefits of cleaning your UPVC windows

UPVC windows manufacturers recommend that you clean your windows on a regular basis to increase longevity. Even though UPVC material is very durable and they will generally last for around 20-35 years, the better you maintain them, the more likely they are going to last the 35 years, rather than 20. The other main benefit is that the appearance of your house is much better when you have shiny clean windows and window frames.

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