Pros and Cons of Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors

Having bi-fold doors installed has become very popular, with homeowners around the UK making the choice to improve their homes through this feature. There are now many types of bi-fold door designs available to complement a wide range of property types, with more affordable prices than there used to be.

If you are considering having bi-fold doors installed on your property, you should review the alternative options and weigh up the pros and cons. Here is all of the information you need to help you to decide whether bi-fold doors are the right option for you:


Add value to your property

When you have improvements made to your home, in many cases you will add value to your property. Bi-fold doors are one home improvement that will usually add value, especially if you are upgrading from much older doors. It is also easier to get an additional loan from your mortgage company for a home improvement such as having bi-fold doors installed, as the lender will have the security that your home will benefit from the addition.

Keep your home warmer

Whether your bi-fold doors improve your home’s energy efficiency depends on what they are replacing. If you are replacing old patio doors that were not very energy efficient, you could benefit from much-reduced heat loss. Bi-fold doors are measured in thermal efficiency, which is referred to as the U-value. The lower the U-value, the better thermal efficiency.

Brings more natural light into your home

Brings more natural light into your home

Another significant benefit of having bi-fold doors installed is that by having more glass on the exterior of the home, more natural light will enter the property. This additional light has numerous benefits, including the potential of reducing your energy bills, by lighting your home with natural light instead of electricity. The difference will be particularly noticeable in summer but it also takes full advantage of the brighter days all year round.

As well as being able to cut your electricity bills, having more natural light in your home is a mood booster, so it can help to improve the mental health of everyone living in the property. This is because exposure to natural light helps you to produce Vitamin D, which studies show is vital for your mental health. Low Vitamin D levels are linked to depression, so the more opportunities you have to increase your Vitamin D exposure, the better.

Spending more time in natural light also helps you to be more productive, so they are a great addition in a home office or somewhere else in the property where you do work on a regular basis.

Makes the property feel more spacious

When you install bi-fold doors on your property, the extra light also gives the illusion that your home is bigger. The brighter a room is, the larger it will seem to be, so your home will feel more spacious and airy.

Adds a luxury element 

The attractive appearance of bi-fold doors is another reason that they are becoming such a popular home improvement. Bi-fold doors can look stunning and give homes a more luxury feel compared to patio doors or sliding doors. The modern design of bi-fold doors can transform the appearance of a property and modernise the whole home. 

Helps you to enjoy your outdoor space

People are looking to spend more time in their outdoor space as a result of the pandemic as well as gaining greater awareness of the many benefits of spending more time outdoors. By having bi-fold doors installed, you can easily open up your home to enjoy more time outdoors, with the convenience of being able to quickly access your kitchen and other rooms. 

Bi-fold doors make the perfect setting for outdoor socialising, as you can have guests both indoors and outdoors, easily access your fridge and socialising outdoors is a safer environment in terms of COVID-19. Socialising outdoors also makes it easier to protect your home from drink spills and other common mishaps that can happen when you invite people around for food and drinks.


Usually more expensive than patio doors

The cost of installing bi-fold doors can vary greatly depending on whether any structural work is required and the type of bi-fold doors that you choose. You might also need to have the wall re-plastered due to the work that is involved in replacing the existing structure with the new bi-fold doors. While bi-fold doors will generally be more expensive than patio doors, the difference might not be as much as you would think.

Could lose more heat

Could lose more heat

If you are removing a large section of brick to fit bi-fold doors, you could lose more heat as windows will usually let more heat escape than brick walls. However, if you are upgrading older patio doors with new, double glazed bi-fold doors, you may actually reduce heat loss and double glazing is very energy efficient. If you are replacing single pane glazed doors with double glazed or even triple glazed doors, then you should see a significant improvement in keeping your home warm.

There are lots of actions that you can take to help reduce heat loss in your home such as having curtains or blinds to exclude draughts. 

The frame can reduce the view

In comparison to sliding doors, bi-fold doors tend to have bulkier frames, which can impair the view to some extent. However, there are many designs that have slim frames, so you can still enjoy an extensive view of your outdoor space.

There are more pros than cons related to having bi-fold doors installed but the choice comes down to your personal preference and the priorities you have for your home. Our experts at Camberley Glass can advise you on all of the available options, taking into consideration your house style and budget, as well as any future plans that you have for your home.

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