Warmer Roof Chilworth

Ready to upgrade your home? Reclaim unused space and drive down your energy bills at the same time with the Warmer Roof system. If your conservatory roof is failing, don’t settle for a replacement, strive for an upgrade. The Warmer Roof system is a one-step system that will turn your conservatory into a well-insulated and functional living space that can be enjoyed all year round. To learn more about Warmer Roof in Chilworth, get in touch with Camberley Glass today.

Why choose Warmer Roof?

If you’re looking to upgrade your home in Chilworth, you could be sitting on plenty of untapped potential. If you have a conservatory with a uPVC roof, it’s likely that it is too hot in the summer months and too cold in winter. It might also be leaky and prone to condensation and damp. This can leave the rest of your home feeling colder as a result. Many people cut off the conservatory from the rest of their home and avoid using this space.

With the Warmer Roof system, you could upgrade your conservatory roof and turn this space into a fully functioning living space, ready for a conversion into whatever you like. Drive down your energy bills and do better for the planet at the same time.

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Warmer Roof from Camberley Glass

This unique system is made to measure for every customer. We measure your space and then construct your Warmer Roof system off-site. This allows us to streamline the installation process so that your home doesn’t have to feel like a construction site for too long.

The Warmer Roof system is constructed using environmentally friendly materials, such as 125mm multi-foil honeycomb insulation with 82.5mm insulated plasterboard to achieve a U-Value of 0.12Wm2k. This is one of the most efficient roof replacement systems on the market to date. We are also pleased to offer a 25 years guarantee on all Warmer Roof systems installed by our team, so you’ll have complete peace of mind. Visit our showroom to see how it works.

Benefits of Warmer Roof for your home

Better for the environment

The Warmer Roof system can help to drive down your bills and make your home more energy efficient. It’s also constructed from environmentally-friendly materials, so it offers extra environmental credentials. This makes it better for your wallet and better for the planet.

Quick transformation

You don’t have to worry about construction times dragging on with the Warmer Roof system. It is designed and built off site so that most construction processes take no more than 2 days. This means you can focus on enjoying your home, and not worry about bothering your neighbours.

A simple home upgrade

You don’t have to move house, you can improve your existing home. The Warmer Roof system will unlock extra living space in your home. You could turn your conservatory into a fully functioning living space such as a guest bedroom, home office, playroom or gym.

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