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Double Glazed Repairs Worplesdon

Double glazing can break or fail for a wide range of reasons, including accidents, harsh weather conditions, poor construction or installation and even vandalism. Getting your broken double glazing replaced promptly will allow you to restore your property to its former state.

Double glazing damage explained

Double glazing is standard in most properties in the UK thanks to its improved thermal efficiency and enhanced noise reduction. Unfortunately, the added benefits of keeping your home warmer and excluding outside noise does not make this glazing product immune from breaking. When either side of the pane of glass is broken or cracked, this greatly impacts the overall effectiveness of the entire unit.

The gap in between the panes of glass is designed to be a vacuum filled with an insulating gas such as argon. When this seal is broken, the protection is lost and the window will no longer offer thermal insulation. This can make your home feel much colder and you might even feel a draught. Not to mention, cracked windows can look very unpleasant from the street and might attract further vandalism.

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Double glazing repairs by Camberley Glass

Whatever the cause of the broken window, we can help to put things right. We’ve seen everything, from stray footballs to clumsy dogs. And it doesn’t matter if your window frames are made from uPVC, aluminium or timer, we can help to put things right again. With decades of experience providing double glazing repairs in Worplesdon, you can trust our team to respond promptly to help restore your windows.

All of our glazing products are from suppliers with a reputation for producing glazing panes to the highest specifications. We ensure that all products are adequately measured for quality, security and sustainability, so you can be confident in the finished result. While you might not be able to protect against accidents or bad weather, you can ensure that manufacturing faults and installation faults do not lead to repeated glazing failure.

Benefits of reglazing broken glass

We fix breaks of all sizes

It doesn’t matter if you’re replacing a small bathroom window or an entire glazed patio door, we can help put things right. We can provide glazing solutions for all shapes and sizes. We carry a wide range of products to ensure a perfect match without the wait every time.

Upgrade your glazing

Advancements in glazing design mean that you could actually enjoy an upgrade in your windows when you choose to replace or repair broken glass with us. If you find yourself replacing broken sealed units more frequently, you might decide it’s time for a complete upgrade. You’ll have a choice of special features including special thermal reflective coatings and privacy tints.

Restore the aesthetic appeal

A broken window can make your home look worn down and less aesthetically pleasing. It can also make it a target for thieves and vandals, as a single broken window in an area can increase crime rates by communicating to individuals that the home isn’t cared for. If you’re thinking about selling your home, fixing broken panes of glass should be high on your list of priorities.

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