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Are your windows misting up frequently? Is the resulting condensation challenging to wipe away? Moisture that collects between two panes of glass is unsightly and can bring down the appearance of your home. It’s usually a problem with old windows that have become less energy efficient over the years. As well as looking bad, they also affect the window’s ability to keep noise out, and the warmth in.

You may believe the issue is condensation on the outside, when in fact, as you rub your cloth over the troublesome surface, the condensation doesn’t budge! Whether your window is misted, steamed up or has failed, replacing windows does fix this problem. However, this costly exercise is not always necessary because the problem can sometimes be repaired. 

What Causes Misted Windows?

Double glazed windows contain two layers of glass with some air in between. The purpose of this is to prevent the transfer of heat from one pane to another. It also helps to establish a sound barrier, meaning that noise from outside is somewhat reduced.

Steamed up and misted windows occur when water enters between two panes of glass, causing a buildup of condensation. If this occurs on the outside of the glass, this is perfectly normal. It’s down to the difference in temperature between inside and outside. In fact, this usually happens anyway with brand new double glazing. Don’t worry! This usually goes away by itself during the day and will not harm your windows.

What Causes Patches of Mist on Double Glazing?

One of the most common reasons for steamed up windows is defective or damaged seals which let water seep in between the panes of glass. The failure is usually caused in the first place by damage during installation, excess pressure on the seals causing damage to them, a drainage issue, or faulty seals being installed on the window by the manufacturer without them realising.

Diagnosing the cause can indeed be problematic. Nevertheless, it’s vital to act quickly to either repair the window or get it replaced entirely. Simply leaving it will only make the problem worse.

Is Misted Window Repair a Possibility?

While it is sometimes possible to repair misted up windows, there are other occasions where total replacement is needed to ensure proper function. If your windows are relatively new, chances are they’re still covered under warranty. If this is the case, you might be able to make a claim and have new windows installed as a result of the old ones being defective. 

Suppose your failed window is no longer under warranty. In that case, you can either opt to have it replaced by covering the cost yourself or attempt to have it repaired. Of course, the latter is often much cheaper, and your course of action depends on your budget. With a repair, a hole is drilled between the two panes of glass. The water is then removed, and a desiccant is added which absorbs leftover water in the cavity. Once complete, the unit is then re-sealed and re-installed. Over time, leaks may continue, the mist and steam will return, and the process may have to be repeated. 

If you want to save even more money, you can attempt the repair yourself using a DIY kit that can be purchased online. Just remember though, that such kits cannot be used with toughened glass. I.e. glass that contains kitemarks in the corners. In other cases, you might need to replace the entire window. For example, if you’re unable to source a tradesperson who can complete the repair, or if leaks return after an existing repair.

Additionally, if your tradesman is unable to find a window that matches your existing units, it would be necessary to replace all your other windows. Ultimately, be sure to shop around to find the best price.

Misted double glazed windows

What can I do to Avoid Future Problems with Misted Double Glazing?

Firstly, make sure your window installer is fully qualified. This alone lowers the risk of damage to your new double glazed windows during installation. Read online reviews or gather references, so you know that your fitter is trustworthy.

Usually, old windows need replacing as the cost of continually repairing them to fix misted double glazing issues becomes uneconomical. Above all, be sure to look after your windows by cleaning them regularly and ensuring plants aren’t growing over them. Some problems left for too long can cause irreversible damage.

Can I Save Money by Installing New Windows?

Absolutely! In fact, the higher quality of windows you opt for, the more you can save on your energy bills. A or B rated windows usually save homeowners in the region of £200 a year. Misted windows alone are a sign that your units aren’t as energy efficient as they could be. Resultantly, your energy bills will be more expensive as your heating is overworking to warm your house.

Is Misted Window Repair Better than Misted Window Replacement?

Suppose you notice mist has formed between two panes of glass in your window. In that case, this means that the seals have probably malfunctioned and are no longer able to work correctly. If your window has misted up, your options are either a repair or to replace the unit. Of course, it depends on how bad the problem is, and how many windows it is affecting. 

It doesn’t matter which option you choose. You will need to hire a professional to do the work so that the job is done correctly. If your windows are relatively new, they could still be under warranty. For you, this results in significant cost savings. Before choosing an installer, first, check their reviews and references to make sure they are competent. 

Never just leave a defective window, as the problem will only get worse. Not only will your windows look unsightly, but your energy bills could spiral out of control.

To find out how we can help with misted, broken, steamed up and failed windows get in touch.