Aluminium Windows Finchampstead

Thinking about replacing your aluminium windows in Finchampstead? Give your home a modern makeover by choosing ultra thin and lightweight aluminium frames from Camberley Glass. This simple addition to your home can create a streamlines and modern look, and will allow more natural light to flood into your home thanks to the increased glazing area. You’ll also enjoy improved insulation, excellent security measures, and improved curb appeal. Despite being thin, these frames are very strong and will resist warping, cracking, swelling and corrosion.

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Why choose aluminium windows?

Aluminium windows are the future. While uPVC units are commonly installed as standard, these are gradually being phased out in favour of aluminium windows. This simple upgrade can allow you to dramatically improve the look of your home, offering better curb appeal, and improving the indoor experience. Larger glazing areas mean that your home enjoys more natural light, which could lead to lower energy bills. They are also lightweight enough for non-load bearing walls, which simply makes them more versatile. All of our windows are PAS24 tested for strength and durability, so you can be confident they will stand the test of time. To see the full range of options available, visit our Surrey showroom.

Aluminium windows from Camberley Glass

Our windows are all made to order, so you know you’re getting a perfect fit with no compromise. Our windows are manufactured with a very low tolerance, which means improved insulation and a better fit. This is also why it’s important to choose the same company to supply and install your windows. It cuts down on the chance of miscommunications and delays that are all too common when there are multiple contractors involved. We can handle the process from start to finish, so you can feel confident that nothing will be overlooked and you will be delighted with the results.

Benefits of aluminium windows for your home

Enhanced safety

Aluminium windows are incredibly lightweight, but they are also incredibly strong – much stronger than uPVC frames. They also feature multiple locking points and tamper-free locks, which will help to deter thieves from targeting your home. Protect your family and your home with this simple upgrade.

Versatile by design

With aluminium windows, you can make your home a reflection of your style and personality. There are so many colour and finish combinations to choose from, allowing you to select something that resonates with you. We can also accommodate unusual window sizes.

Lightweight frames

Aluminium is much lighter but also stronger than uPCV. This enables us to create windows with a much larger glazing area, which would be otherwise impossible with uPVC. They can also be added to non-load bearing walls, which makes them a highly versatile choice for your property. Choose from a wide range of configurations and layouts to suit your home.

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