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Upgrade your home with the addition of modern aluminium windows from Camberley Glass. This simple change to the exterior of your home will help to enhance the kerb appeal and provide a modern finish for your home. Bring a touch of luxury to your life without moving house. Aluminium frames are ultra thin, which means a larger glazing area to maximise the light. They are also incredibly strong and durable, which means fewer security worries and low maintenance considerations.

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Why choose aluminium windows?

Until recently, the most popular choice for windows was uPVC frames. These are gradually being outpaced by aluminium windows as the frame of choice to achieve a modern look. These frames are incredibly strong and durable, while still being very lightweight. This means we can achieve larger glazing areas that enable us to fill your home with light. And since they are lightweight, they can be placed on non-load bearing walls with ease, which allows you to enhance the number of windows in your home. Our frames are also PAS24 tested for strength, so you can feel confident they will last a long time.

Aluminium windows from Camberley Glass

To simplify the installation process, we recommend choosing the same company for supply and installation. This will minimise the number of third party contractors involved and enable us to pass on the savings to you. Since our windows are manufactured with minimal tolerance for maximum insulation, there is no room for mistakes in the measuring and fitting process. That’s why we prefer to manage the process ourselves. We can meet your requirements for aluminium windows, including a wide range of sizes, colours and finishes. Find the right windows for your home by visiting our Surrey showroom to see them in person.

Benefits of aluminium windows for your home

Enhanced safety

Thieves recognise the vulnerabilities in uPVC windows and target them accordingly. Aluminium windows offer enhanced security in the form of additional locking points and tamper proof locks. This can help to avoid the risk of your home being targeted by thieves.

Versatile by design

All windows are made to order, so we can achieve a perfect fit every time. Whether you have irregular-sized windows, extra large windows, or windows in a heritage area that need to achieve a certain aesthetic, we can help. Customise your windows with a range of colours and finishes to achieve the perfect look for your home.

Lightweight frames

Aluminium is a unique material in that it is both incredibly strong and incredibly light. This means we can achieve extra large glazing areas with minimal window frame. This will enhance the natural light in your home. You can also add windows to non-load bearing walls that would otherwise be unsuitable. Pair your windows with a custom skylight or lantern light for the perfect finish.

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