Aluminium Windows Deepcut

Upgrade your property with aluminium window frames from Camberley Glass. This stylish and modern upgrade will allow you to dramatically change the appearance of your home, bringing a touch of luxury. Aluminium frames are ultra thin and lightweight, while still being incredibly strong. This means we can achieve a much larger glazing area to enable you to maximise the light in your home. They’re also durable and resistant to common window frame issues such as warping, cracking, swelling and corrosion.

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Why choose aluminium windows?

The most common choice for windows is uPVC, but once these reach the end of their life, you might be looking for a more durable upgrade. Making the switch to aluminium window frames will enhance your home in many ways.

To start, they are incredibly secure and offer excellent insulating properties. The low profile frames also allow for larger glazing areas, which will help to maximise the natural light in your home. Since they are so lightweight, we can even place them on non-load bearing walls. And finally, our windows are also PAS24 tested for strength, so you’ll have complete confidence in their integrity.

Aluminium windows from Camberley Glass

We recommend choosing the same company for supply and installation of your aluminium framed windows. Since our windows are designed with a low tolerance for improved insulation, it requires expert installation to ensure the perfect fit. By reducing the number of third party contractors involved in your window replacement, you can reduce delays and minimise the risk of mistakes. We offer a wide range of aluminium windows in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. Camberley Glass will help you to select the right windows for your needs. Visit our Surrey showroom to see the full selection.

Benefits of aluminium windows for your home

Improved safety

Your home could be a target for thieves if your windows are known to have vulnerabilities, as is the case with uPCV. Aluminium windows offer incredible safety features, including multiple locking points and tamper proof locks which will help to keep your home and family safe. This can bring added peace of mind that your home will be secure.

Versatile by design

All of our windows are made to order, so we’ll achieve the perfect fit every time. This means we can support homeowners with irregular-sized and shaped windows. From the very large to the very small, we can create the perfect window to fit your space. You can also customise the windows to your requirements.

Lightweight frames

Aluminium windows are light but also incredibly strong by design. This means that we can create larger glazing areas for a dramatic finish. We can also use these lightweight frames on non-load bearing walls, making them a versatile choice for your home renovation. You could also pair your aluminium windows with the ideal skylight or lantern light for a stunning finish.

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