Aluminium Windows Blackwater

Transform your home with lightweight and low profile aluminium windows. Using ultra thin frames in your home allows us to enhance the glazing area, which helps to maximise sunlight in your home. Our frames are also exceptionally hard-wearing, meaning they won’t wrap, crack, swell or corrode. And finally, they also offer a luxurious finish to any home, ensuring your living space is flooded with natural light.

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Why choose aluminium windows?

Upgrade your home and make it more energy efficient with the addition of aluminium windows. If your windows are nearing the end of their functional life and you need to think about replacing them, consider upgrading to ultra-thin and lightweight aluminium frames. This simple change can dramatically increase the light in your home while also making your home more secure and energy efficient. All of our windows are PAS24 tested for strength. If you’re looking for aluminium windows in Blackwater, look no further. Visit our Surrey showroom to see the wide range of colours and finishes available to achieve the ideal look for your home.

Aluminium windows from Camberley Glass

We are not only a leading supplier of aluminium windows, we are also a leading fitter. If you’re looking for a window replacement and upgrade in Blackwater, we can help. To ensure your windows stand the test of time and live up to their incredible credentials, it’s vital that they are installed correctly. Aluminium windows are engineered with a much lower tolerance than uPVC windows, which means the installation process must be carefully managed. To get a perfect weather-tight seal, we recommend working with Camberley Glass in Blackwater.

Benefits of aluminium windows for your home

Safe and secure

Enhance your home security with the introduction of aluminium windows frames. Our precision engineered frames offer additional protection and will help to reduce the risk of tampering. The multiple locking points will also help you and your family to feel safe and secure in your home. Thieves recognise the robustness of aluminium windows, so this also acts as a visual deterrent.

Versatile by design

Our bespoke windows can be customised to fit your home. You can select the ideal shape and configuration for your needs. You also have a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from. You can see all of the frames available on display in our Surrey showroom. We recommend seeing the different choices in person before making a final selection.

Lightweight materials

Our windows offer the perfect combination of strength and resilience without adding additional weight. This means you can place these windows on non-load bearing walls, allowing you to make the most of your home layout. Bring your interior dreams to life and explore new home layouts without restriction. You can even choose much larger glazing panels, as the strength of the frames will resist bending under the weight.

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