Lantern Lights Elstead

Find the perfect roof lanterns and skylights from Camberley Glass to help bring a touch of luxury to your home. This simple architectural feature brings visual height to any given space and will also help to fill your home with natural light. If you’re struggling with a darker room with small windows, lantern lights can help to open up the space and flood your home with natural light. This simple addition can even help to drive down your energy bills.

Why choose lantern lights?

Any flat roof in your home has the capability to become a vaulted and glazed roof with the help of our lantern light collection from Camberley Glass. Available in a wide range of configurations, this classic architectural feature will enable you to fill your home with natural light, even in rooms with smaller windows. This will quickly become the focal point of the room, offering a touch of luxury and refinement that is popular for home extensions.

This choice of window will also help to drive down your energy bills by allowing you to leave the lights off for longer. And excellent insulation will help to trap the heat. Different configurations will enable you to customise the lantern light to your requirement. To see the full range, visit our Surrey showroom.

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Lantern lights from Camberley Glass

We’re not only a trusted supplier of roof lanterns for the Elstead area; we are also a reliable installer. We always recommend turning to the same company for supply and installation as this will minimise the risk of wrong measurements and fault installation.

Our comprehensive service covers measuring, design, manufacturing and installation. This will offer peace of mind that your lantern light is safe, secure, well-insulated and resistant to leaks. Our lantern lights are made with a very low tolerance, so there is no room for mistakes. Trust Camberley Glass from start to finish to help you to find the lantern light that is perfect for your property.

Benefits of lantern lights for your home

Fill your home with natural light

Without proper consideration to natural light, your home extension could end up looking dingy and unwelcoming. A lantern light will ensure your space is filled with natural light, which will greatly enhance the space.

Improve air quality

Certain models offer opening windows which will enable you to improve the air quality in your home. Encourage better circulation, particularly in parts of your home where there is cooking and lots of activity. In the winter months, insulation helps to keep the space warm and cosy.

A touch of luxury

A roof lantern will make your room appear taller while also helping to make the most of the natural light. Light is one of the simplest ways to upgrade your home and lend an air of luxury to the space. With the introduction of multiple lantern lights, you’ll enjoy an orangery-style room all year round.

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