How Much to Replace a Broken Double Glazed Window?

How Much to Replace a Broken Double Glazed Window?

A broken or faulty window can quickly make your home very uncomfortable, particularly in the winter months. Double glazing needs both panes of glass to be functioning for it to work correctly, so if your window is smashed or the seals have failed, you’ll soon notice the difference.

If you notice breaks in your window, or if there is an increase in draughts coming from around your windows, it could be time to call in the professionals to replace or repair it.

In this guide, we’ll explore how much you can expect to pay for replacement double glazing and what you can do to secure the best possible deal.

How long should double glazing last?

How long should double glazing last?

Double glazing can last for as little as 10 years or as long as 50 years. And if your double glazing fails because of a break in the panes, this can realistically occur at any time, so there is no expected timescale. After around 20 years, you might notice faults in your double glazing that make it less efficient. It’s at this point that many people start to think about replacing or repairing their double glazing. The first step to finding out how much this will cost will be to determine what the issue is.

Determine which part is broken

Determine which part is broken

The cost of replacing your double glazing will depend on which part is at fault.

  • If you have faulty window seals, this is one of the cheapest parts to repair. It will typically cost between £20 and £70 to repair a window seal, depending on the size of the window. 
  • If there is condensation in the window, it can cost around £100-£300 to replace the glazing. Once you have condensation in the frame, you can repair this, but the problem is likely to return as the seal in the frame is likely faulty.
  • If your window is smashed, you’ll need to replace the glazing but you may be able to salvage the frame. It all depends on the extent of the damage and the compatibility of the frame.
  • And finally, if the frame is faulty or the window mechanisms are no longer working, you may need to replace the entire thing. The cost for new double glazing windows is typically around £1000 per window, depending on the size. If your windows are starting to fail, it makes sense to replace all of them at once so that they are all matching.
Getting the best deal on double glazing

Getting the best deal on double glazing

The trick to getting the best deal on double glazing is to know what you need. If it’s only your seals that need to be replaced, there’s no sense in paying for completely new frames. Shop around to get quotes from traders to determine which is the best option for your home.

And if the time has come to replace one window due to wear and tear, you can be confident the rest of the windows aren’t too far behind. In this case, you might be better off seeking a good deal on replacing all of the windows in your home to ensure a cohesive and stylish look.

Closing thoughts

The cost to replace your windows will depend entirely on the cause of the issue and the extent of the repair required. If you aren’t sure what the problem is, call in a professional to offer their expert advice on the most efficient and cost-effective way to fix your double glazing without breaking the bank. And if the time has come to replace your double glazing, remember that you will often get a better deal on multiple windows.

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