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Guttering in Berkshire

For guttering in Berkshire, Camberley Glass and Windows is the perfect choice.

Gutters play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of your house. Without clean and efficient guttering, water would seep into your walls, cladding, windows and foundations.

If your Berkshire guttering is in need of repair or renewal you need to contact a company you can trust to provide you with the best products and advice. In Berkshire, the professional and trustworthy company to contact is Camberley Glass and Windows.

We have been providing guttering solutions and roofline products to the people of Berkshire and surrounding area for nearly 50 years. We pride ourselves on our professional service, attention to detail and customer care. This is why we get repeat custom and much of our business is by personal recommendation. You could look at our high ratings on Checkatrade and we are also on the Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards Approved list of traders.

Visit our showroom at our offices in Camberley, Surrey, and you can learn more about our roofline products, which all come fully guaranteed.

We have a team of advisers on hand who would be happy to give you any advice you may need about guttering in Berkshire and answer any questions. We do not indulge in pressure selling because our wish is for you to have to right advice and products for your needs. If you would like us to do a roofline job for you our professional team of fitters will carry out the work quickly and efficiently. Why not contact us today?

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Berkshire Guttering FAQs

Why should I add guttering to my Berkshire home?

Guttering is an essential way to divert water away from your home. Without gutters, water can damage your roof, walls, doors, windows and more.

What types of gutters are there?

Gutters generally come in three types - 1) Eaves gutters which run along a roof edge so it flows in to a downpipe, 2) Valley gutters which connect two roofs or are used when a direction changes (such as on a corner) and 3) Parapet gutters which serve as drainage channels leading to a downpipe.

How long do gutters last?

Good quality uPVC gutters can last 20 years if they are cleaned regularly and are well looked after. Metal gutters can last even longer than this. Sadly, gutters are often neglected and their life span is reduced as a result.

Can I replace gutters myself?

Replacing gutters is challenging and like all work at heights does carry risks. You will need to be able bodied, follow manufacturer's guidelines exactly and be sure you've done the work to a high quality. If you'd rather the job be installed professionally then get in touch.

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