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Double Glazed Unit Replacements Chilworth

If your double glazing is looking misty, you don’t have to live with it. While there are quick fixes available, the problem will soon return. Misted windows are also a sign that your home is no longer insulated fully, so it makes sense to replace your double glazing units at the first sign of a condensation problem. Replacing your double glazing units doesn’t have to mean replacing the entire frame. This means you can enjoy a cost-effective restoration that addresses the primary problem. If you’re looking for double glazed unit replacements in Chilworth, get in touch with Camberley Glass today.

Why do glazing units fail?

Double glazing units have two panes of glass mounted within a frame. The middle of the glass is either a sealed vacuum, or it contains a layer or inert gas. The space between the panes is warmed and this helps to prevent heat loss through your windows. If the seal between the two panes is broken, moisture can get between them, and this condenses into a misted appearance. This will impede your view of your outside and will also prevent sunlight getting into your home. It also means that your windows are no longer insulated, so you might experience cold draughts and an increase in your energy bills.

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Double glazed unit replacement from Camberley Glass

While you could simply address the misting, this won’t fix the unit entirely. It might remove the mist, but it won’t restore the insulation. The only way to restore your windows is to replace the double glazed unit. Thankfully, we can achieve this without replacing the entire frame, which makes it a much more cost effective solution. We can either replace your glazing units like-for-like, or we can offer an upgrade with solutions such as thermal insulation or privacy film. And if you’re ready for a complete upgrade, we can also advise on the ideal aluminium frames for your needs.

The benefits of replacing sealed units with Camberley Glass

Made to measure

All of our double glazing units are made to measure in house, so we can achieve a perfect fit for improved insulation. This is ideal if you have irregular sized windows or windows that are very large or very small. We can help you to find the perfect fit.

Improve insulation

If your windows are misty, this is a sign that the insulating seal is no longer effective. You might notice cold draughts and increased energy bills as a result. The simple step of upgrading your glazing units could help to bring your energy bills down.

Improve the kerb appeal

Before you sell or rent your home, make sure you address this simple home improvement task. It can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal and will also enhance the light inside the property, creating a lighter and brighter home that will be more likely to attract buyers or tenants.

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