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Bi Fold Doors Surrey

Looking for Surrey bifold doors? A Bi-Folding door is more than just a conventional sliding door. With its sleek design it is able to create more space and harness the potential of a room whether internally or externally.

When you choose a Bifold door for your Surrey home you cast away the barrier between inside and outside your home, it will effectively transform your living space into a greater social space.

Flexibility is key to the design, Bi-Folding doors can do what conventional door design cannot. It can add and subtract space whilst maintaining the slimmest of profiles.

Primary features of Bi-Folding doors include maximising all the available natural light, ensuring excellent thermal efficiency and security. Due to the ingenious design of the sliding track system, the locking system is spread over multiple points of the track – this provides a greater level of security when compared to other types of doors which tend to have one single locking point.

When it comes to bi-fold doors, you need to decide whether you require a ‘top-hung’ or ‘bottom-rolling’ operating system – there are pros and cons for each. There is a variety of configuration options open to you, which will depend on the width of the opening and the widths of panes available.

Available in low maintenance UPVC and Aluminium with a variety of colours. We can help you select the right colour whether you want to blend in with the environment surrounding your home or make a statement – contemporary or traditional, we can find the ideal match. Whatever the style of your Surrey home, we’ve got the right bifold doors for you.

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FAQs about bifold doors in Surrey

Are bifold doors secure?

Yes, our bifold doors use a sliding track system with a locking system spread over multiple points. This makes them more secure that doors with a single locking point.

How expensive are bifold doors?

The price you pay for bifold doors will depend on factors such as size of doors, materials used and type of glazing. Having said this, bifold doors look incredible, can last up to 60 years and are very versatile. For a free quotation for bifold doors in Surrey please use our online contact form.

Do bifold doors offer sound insulation?

You can rest easy knowing our bifold doors are made to British Trading Standards allowing for excellent noise reduction.

Can bifold doors be used internally as well as externally?

Yes, our bifold doors are expertly designed to tap into the potential of any room, internally as well as externally.

Will I require planning permission for a bi-fold door installation?

This depends on whether you are replacing an existing door, in which case you do not usually have to seek planning permission. If you live in a conservation area, however, you are advised to contact your local council before embarking on the project. In most cases, checking local building regulations will provide a great deal of information and added peace of mind.

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